48-Well Powder dispenser is capable of accurately filling plates







48-Well Powder Dispenser

Simple. Fast. Reliable.


Don’t settle for slow, repetitive and inefficient methods of filling/weighing powders in 48-Well plates. Use the 48-Well Powder Dispenser from LabTIE to improve your consistency in dispensing while speeding up your process over 50 times.




  • Accurate dispensing, error rate of only <3%

  • Sterile dispensing

  • Dispensing in only 30 seconds

  • Easy cleaning

  • Exchangeable volume plates, “Different volume? Just slide in a different volume plate”

  • Custom made volume plates available



Do you use a different grid/tube/tray or plate?
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Video shows how to use the 48-Well Powder Dispenser

This video shows how to use the 48-Well Powder Dispenser.


Figure 1. The Powder Dispenser increases purity of your sample due to faster dispensing and lower reaction time to Air and H2O.
The LabTIE 96-Well Powder Dispenser was used to fill a hygroscopic compound (Hyaluronic Acid P100) and showed to dispense a more pure product compared to manual filling using an analytical scale. The 96-Well Powder Dispenser was able to dispense a specific weight in a grid of tubes (2mL) in approx 2 minutes, showing an average total mass increase of 0.4% with H2O. While the manual method showed a total mass increase between 0.4% and 4.8% during the 40 minutes it took to dispense the entire batch.
Also the 96-well Powder Dispenser was able to dispense the entire batch 100 times faster than using the manual filling method, while being more accurate.


Product reviews

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 Lauren    Katrina Walker    Elaine Epperson
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The 45 tube Powder Dispenser from Labtie arrived very quickly and was extremely well packaged. Everything works exactly as stated and my entire department is thankful to have such a helpful device. Our manufacturing process had bottlenecks before and now those are practically eliminated. I know it has paid for itself in a single week. I am so thrilled and plan on purchasing more when we need to expand.   The Powder Dispenser Kit and plates has been invaluable tool in our research. The ability to quickly and efficiently dispense reproducible volumes is priceless. The easily interchangeable mesh plates make changing volumes quick and easy. I use 96 well plates that are both square and circular well plate inlets. This tool works great for both! The dispenser is simple and user friendly. There was also very little aerated powder with this technique-making it an even safer method of dispensing powder. I don’t know how I would have reproducibly dispensed the same volume of powder into each of the 96 well plates! This tool is a game changer when dispensing powder.   I use the powder Dispenser KIT from LabTIE to make 100ul aliquots of 0.1mm zirconium beads for breaking up mycobacteria to extract DNA and RNA. This bead dispenser is a game changer. I previously dispensed beads by hand into microfuge tubes, which was imprecise, a big waste of plastic, and time-consuming. Now we use a 96 well format with the Dispenser KIT for the bead beating, and several research groups are breathing sighs of giggling relief with the new format. In addition, the LabTIE personnel have been a tremendous help –– Bas in particular –– in getting this set up to solve our bead-dispensing problems, tailored to the science we want to accomplish. Thanks, LabTIE!


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Powder Dispensers are capable of accurately filling tubes, vials and plates   Powder Dispensers are capable of accurately filling tubes, vials and plates





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