48-Well Seed dispenser is capable of accurately filling plates 







48-Well Seed Dispenser

Simple. Fast. Reliable.


Don’t settle for slow, repetitive and inefficient methods of dispensing/plating seeds in 48-Well plates. Use the 48-Well Seed Dispenser from LabTIE to improve your consistency in dispensing while speeding up your process over 50 times.




  • Accurate dispensing

  • Dispensing in only 30 seconds

  • Sterile dispensing

  • Easy cleaning

  • Exchangeable seed plates, “Different seed type? Just slide in a different volume plate”

  • Custom made seed plates available


Due to its modular design with exchangeable metal seed plates it is used for all types and variations of seeds (0.2mm - 9.0mm).
The Seed Dispenser is perfect for dispensing difficult seeds that are; not pelleted, vary in size or fragile seeds. 
It exceeds current competitive systems in speed, accuracy, variety of seed types and especially ease of use.


LabTIE Seed Dispensers are mostly used for:

  • Germination
  • DNA extraction
  • Seed Counting
  • Vitality assays

Do you use a different grid/tube/tray or plate?
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  Seed Dispensers are accurate and fast

Figure 1. The LabTIE Seed Dispenser increases accuracy in seed dispensing compared to other methods and systems while speeding up your process.
A: The LabTIE 48-Well Seed Dispenser was used to dispense batches of 48 lettuce seeds, resulting in a 98% accuracy of a single seed per location/well. Compared to the use of a vacuum dispense system, over 10% of the dispensed seeds contained anomalies such as double or triple seeds per location (anomalies), or even empty wells.
B: The LabTIE 48-Well Seed Dispenser dispenses 3450 seeds per hour compared to 1920 seeds using the vacuum system. Although the dispense time is roughly the same for both systems (approx. 30 seconds per cycle) correcting the anomalies afterwards was more time consuming using the vacuum system. The LabTIE Seed Dispenser seemed to be 80% faster while being more accurate in dispensing 'difficult' seeds. 


Product reviews

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    Very accurate with a small error margin.    


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Seed Dispensers are capable of accurately filling tubes, plates and pots   Seed Dispensers are capable of accurately filling tubes, plates and pots
  Seed Dispensers are capable of accurately filling tubes, plates and pots  





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