Amount of flasks and plates

40x 4.000x
250mL flask Petri dishes

40 vials of high quality freeze-dried OP50 as a feedstock for C.elegans. Mostly bought by researchers that use >250 90mm Petri dishes/week.  


Living freeze-dried bacteria

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labtie op50 vials 40 units


Product Information

LabTIE OP50 is a high quality cultured Escherichia coli which is used as food source Caenorhabditis elegans. LabTIE OP50 can be used to seed NGM agar plates or inoculate liquid cultures.

Due to large OP50 production batches, LabTIE OP50 is a high and constant quality food source, while the quality of self-cultured OP50 varies every time. Application of LabTIE OP50 allows the user to remove the variable ‘quality of food/nutrition’ from the equation in your experiments. It also allows the user to feed C. elegans with a specific and measureable amount of nutrition.

When using Prepacked LabTIE OP50 vials and pots, worrying about your own cultured OP50 main stock in terms of quality, contamination and most importantly consistent quality is eliminated.



LabTIE freeze-dried OP50 is a living food source, however, during the freeze-drying process the viability (possibility to divide) and metabolic activity is reduced. When seeding LabTIE freeze-dried OP50 on NGM plates, the cells still form a nice lawn. These properties in combination with the high concentration of OP50 make the freeze-dried product also highly suitable for liquid cultures.


LabTIE BulletPoints Living bacteria, with a reduced viability

LabTIE BulletPoints Low metabolic activity (suitable for compound testing)

LabTIE BulletPoints High Quality and Consistent Quality

LabTIE BulletPoints Perfect for re-seeding NGM plates

LabTIE BulletPoints No more time-consuming, self-breeding OP50

LabTIE BulletPoints Suitable for all assays such as: NGM, liquid, fluidics etc

LabTIE BulletPoints Easy storage


  • "The Freeze-dried OP50 is amazing!" ~RIKEN~
  • "OP50 allows us to start C. elegans liquid cultures on demand" ~MDI~
  • "With this food, worms are healthy and never contaminated" ~IBDM~
  • "This is a great product that allows me to save time" ~UKY~
  • "We are using it routinely" ~POSTECH~


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