C. elegans Synchronizer (CES)

The C. elegans Synchronizer (CES) is an unique, world first, system that will allow synchronization of the nematode at ‘L1’ or ‘Egg’ stage. 

LabTIE C elegans Synchronizer

The CES works on the principle of several custom designed, high accuracy laser micro-processed filters in combination with a number of supporting modules, functions and protocols. The CES has proven to deliver an unprecedented and high density level of synchronization which, until now, was not possible with the traditional method using bleaching in combination with a (prolonged) period of starvation/arrest.


The CES system provides a number of unique benefits:

  • No chemical (bleach) being used.
  • Reduced or even no ‘L1 starvation/arrest’ period required.
  • L1 synchronization is one of two options (the other option being ‘eggs’).
  • High and Consistent quality (repeatability).
  • High volumes are possible (> 500k and more).
  • Low learning curve removing the ‘Art’ from ‘Science’ (no longer eyeballing a bleaching protocol).

To order the C. elegans Synchronizer please visit our CES page.

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