L1 Celegans Synchronizer 








Egg C. elegans Synchronizer

Healthy, Synhronized, Phenotype free eggs


The egg C. elegans Synchronizer (CES) is a manual worm Synchronizer that allows you to harvest small and large volumes of tight synchronized eggs without the use of chemicals or starvation. It enables you to get synchronized freshly laid eggs that do not contain phenotypes caused by bleach or food arrest. In addition the system is designed to be successfully used without extensive training and enables C. elegans experiments with healthier eggs than before, giving you the freedom to focus on the experiments by eliminating the need for worm controls and variable outcomes.




  • Always Healthy eggs, increasing High Reproducibility of your data

  • In only 30 minutes

  • Phenotype free eggs, Synchronized without Chemicals

  • No training required

  • Larger egg harvests than ever before





Coming Soon! Expected launch date on 29th of November 2018.

Due to the high demand we request that you to register as an early access user, by sending us an e-mail explaining us what type of research you want to perform with it.


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