Gel Electrophoresis Combs

MultiFIT. Convienent. Reliable

The LabTIE Combs provide sharper and stronger bands than ever before because of a strong polymer and an innovative design. The teeth enable you to remove the combs with minimal force, increasing the quality of the gel slots and improving the sharpness of the DNA bands. The Medium Combs are compatible with standard Multichannel Pipettes. All combs are color coded to easily distinguish the amount of teeth per comb.

Small Comb Gel Electrophoresis

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Medium Comb Gel Electrophoresis

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LabTIE Combs allows you to:

  • Use our combs with the trays of the following brands:
    - Bio-Rad
    - BioStep
    - Sigma-Aldrich
    - Scie-Plas
    - VWR
    - LabTIE
    - Is your brand not listed? Ask for a demo unit
  • Seperate DNA bands efficiently by obtaining sharper DNA bands.
  • Remove the combs from the agar with minimal force.
  • Use Multichannels to Pipette your samples in the slots.



  • MultiFIT with Major brands.

  • The University of Nijmegen quotes: "Student Proof".

  • Medium Combs are Multichannel compatible.

  • Color Coded (no more counting teeth).

  • Improved Teeth.









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Product reviews

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Heather Murray    Helga    Karl Robinson
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland - Lab manager   McMaster University   The University of Queensland
Our lab purchased several sets of Labtie 33-tooth combs for our Bio-rad midi system, as we were not satisfied with the 30-tooth ones from the manufacturer. I have been very pleased with our purchase. Those extra 3 lanes make a big difference when performing high-throughput PCR: we can load 4 x 8-strip PCR per lane with an adjustable spacing multichannel pipette, having 30 lanes was very inconvenient. The wells also give very sharp bands on the gel. I would recommend Labtie combs for both increasing our gel capacity and for their high quality.   The combs are perfect. They are really superior compared to other combs that I have used in the past. I'm very happy with it.   Excellent product and they work as they should


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