Gel Electrophoresis Trays

MultiFIT. Convienent. Reliable

The LabTIE Trays are upgraded versions of your current trays from major brands such as: Bio-Rad, VWR, Scie-Plas, BioStep and Sigma Aldrich and are made from a strong and UV transparent polymer making them more resistant to fall, break and shatter damage. They contain an anti-scratch surface to minimalize UV shatter and providing sharper images.

Trays Gel Electrophoresis

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LabTIE Trays allows you to:

  • Use our trays with the liquid tanks and combs of the following brands:
    - Bio-Rad
    - BioStep
    - Sigma-Aldrich
    - Scie-Plas
    - VWR
    - LabTIE
    - Is your brand not listed? Ask for a demo unit
  • Image the gel while keeping it inside the tray.
  • Pour Agar while its still hot.
  • Use the included gel Dams to seal of the gel, instead of using tape.



  • MultiFIT with Major brands.

  • The University of Nijmegen quotes: "Student Proof".

  • Anti-scratch feature. 

  • Improved seals prevent leaking.

  • More comb slots available to fit more DNA samples.









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Product reviews

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Heather Murray    Helga    Karl Robinson
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland - Lab manager   McMaster University   The University of Queensland
Our lab purchased several sets of Labtie 33-tooth combs for our Bio-rad midi system, as we were not satisfied with the 30-tooth ones from the manufacturer. I have been very pleased with our purchase. Those extra 3 lanes make a big difference when performing high-throughput PCR: we can load 4 x 8-strip PCR per lane with an adjustable spacing multichannel pipette, having 30 lanes was very inconvenient. The wells also give very sharp bands on the gel. I would recommend Labtie combs for both increasing our gel capacity and for their high quality.   The combs are perfect. They are really superior compared to other combs that I have used in the past. I'm very happy with it.   Excellent product and they work as they should


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