Gel Electrophoresis MultiFIT Trays and Combs

MultiFIT. Convenient. Reliable.


Our MultiFIT range of Gel electrophoresis Trays and Combs fit in all major brands, are strong and durable while providing high quality and sharp DNA bands. 


labtie gel electrophoresis trays
Gel Electrophoresis Trays
The LabTIE Trays are upgraded versions of your current trays from major brands such as: Bio-Rad, VWR, Scie-Plas, BioStep and Sigma Aldrich and are made from a strong and UV transparent polymer making them more resistant to fall, break and shatter damage. They contain an anti-scratch surface to minimalize UV shatter and providing sharper images.

Gel Combs v2 4000x1000 copyv2
 Gel Electrophoresis Combs

The LabTIE Combs provide sharper and stronger bands than ever before. A strong polymer and innovative design. The teeth enable you to remove the combs with minimal force, increasing the quality of the gel slots and improving the sharpness of the DNA bands. The Medium Combs are compatible with standard Multichannel Pipettes. All combs are color coded to easily distinguish the amount of teeth per comb. 






Bundle and Save
Bundle 3 trays and 6 combs of your choice