Grinding Media

High Quality vs Low Pricing

LabTIE Grinding beads are used by the industry ranging from large applications until lab scale. A high quality standard vs low bulk prices make us your best choice in getting a great product for a competetive price.

Grinding Media

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LabTIE Grinding Media enables you to:

  • Grind your valuable samples with high quality grinding beads
  • Buy larger volumes in bulk, lowering the cost significantly
  • Gain access to our grinding media support containing valuable knowledge in regard of grinding and other bead applications  
  •  High and consistent quality
  • Low Pricing

  • World wide Shipping

  • From 1 Kg until metric tons




The smaller the bead, the more expensive it can become. Also the beads with the best wear properties are more expensive than other options.
As grinding beads wear, they need to be replaced. The longer a bead lasts, the cheaper it may be in the long run. However, low cost, hard grinding beads may lead to expensive equipment repairs.
Beads with less under-sized or misshapen pieces will tend to last longer.

Some vendors sell pre-filled micro vials containing supposedly unique combinations of different sizes and types of beads in the same vial. This is mostly marketing.
Save money by loading vials yourself!
This will take you less than a couple of seconds per vial and even less than half a minute per rack using our Bead Dispenser!


 Note: listed bead sizes are median (average) values. Because beads are sorted by sieves, bead size may vary + / - 10% of a listed value.

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labtie grinding media zirconia yttria beads   2.0mm beads steel
  018 Black Cerium Zirconia Oxide