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1.5, 2.0mL 1.5, 2.0mL 1.5, 2, 5mL

The Tubes & Vials Powder Dispenser is used to dispense your specific amount of powder in a BioSpec tube holder or in autosampler (GC) vials.

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Product Information

Powder Dispensers are used for dispensing various volumes of powders or micro-beads in industry standard plates.

Dispensers are mostly used for:

  • Analysis of dry powder by MASS
  • Accurate pre-loading powders in various formats to create solutions
  • Grinding tissue samples with micro-beads

Due to its modular design with exchangeable mesh plates it is used to dispense multiple volumes. While typical lab applications require an analytical scale to weigh off each individual sample per well, which is time-consuming and very ineffective, we were able to create a handy tool that solves this problem.

The biggest value offered by the LabTIE Powder Dispenser is the huge timesaving it achieves, up to 150x or higher, allowing lab researchers to spend more time on what really matters, while at the same time reducing costs. It also drastically reduces the margin of error.

Powder Compatibility

LabTIE Powder Dispensers are capable of dispensing a large variety if different volumes of powders between 1 µL/1mg - 1500 µL/1.5gr.

10 µL
50 µL
66 µL
133 µL
500 µL
and many more.


Powder type or quantity not listed? Ask for a Quotation.


LabTIE BulletPoints High productivity improvement 60-150x

LabTIE BulletPoints Can dispense a wide range of solid quantities

LabTIE BulletPoints Dispenses in a highly precise and repeatable fashion

LabTIE BulletPoints Easy cleaning

LabTIE BulletPoints Ergonomic use as it removes tedious repetitive tasks

LabTIE BulletPoints A compact table top device

LabTIE BulletPoints Custom made versions available to fit your requirements



  • "Dispenser KIT and plates has been invaluable tool in our research" ~HP~
  • "It has paid for itself in a single week" ~NSI~


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