C. elegans Lysis/DNA Extraction Kit


Product Details:

Designed for rapid, efficient, column-free extraction of PCR-ready DNA from C. elegans. Traditional extraction methods take 2 hours, the Worm Lysis Kit requires only a 15-minute incubation before the DNA is ready for use directly in your PCR.

DNA extraction is performed in a single tube without multiple washing steps to reduce potential contamination and sample loss and allows for quality DNA templates to be obtained consistently from single or multiple worm lysis reactions.



  • Fast –Single-tube DNA extraction in 15 minutes
  • Convenient - PCR-ready DNA
  • Reliable - Maximized PCR speed, yield and specificity
  • Consistent - Minimize contamination risks and sample loss


Product Info:

  • Components: 5x Worm Lysis Buffer A (1 x 200 µl) and 10x Worm Lysis Buffer B (1 x 100 µl)
  • Volume: each kit provides enough reagents for 100 lysates
  • Storage upon receipt: <-20℃


Customer Feedback:

"I was very skeptical that I could get a good signal from 2 ul of single worm lysate that was diluted to 100 ul. Well, I must admit it worked well! I was very surprised. For years we have been lysing single worms in 2-4 ul and using 2 ul per PCR reaction. I would have never guessed we could dilute our lysates to 100 ul and still get  a good signal from PCR. I think we would use it often". - Dr. Andy Golden, NIH

C. elegans Lysis/DNA Extraction Kit

€ 95,00Price
    • Run multiple PCRs from a single lysis reaction.
    • Each lysis reaction results in 100 uL of PCR-ready DNA and only 2 uL is required per PCR.
    • Works well with as little as one worm per reaction or several worms.
    • Amplicons of 3kb can be obtained by PCR, when DNA template is obtained from our lysis protocol.
    • The DNA generated with the Worm Lysis Kit is suitable for use in all downstream PCR and qPCR applications without further clean-up steps. It can also be stored at -20°C for future use