Filter set for LabTIE Freeze-dried OP50

Simple. Convenient. Reliable.


The Filter set allows you to filtrate the dissolved Freeze-dried OP50 product to obtain a clear solution rid of large particles. The filter set is easy to use, quick and reliable, providing you with a sterile suspension of  OP50. After vigorous testing, It is advised to use the filter a maximum of 10 times, enabling you to filtrate 10 Freeze-dried OP50 tubes of 40mL each. The fitler can be cleaned in between with water and EtOH.


Freeze-dried OP50 vials can be purchased here.

Freeze-dried Instant OP50 is in ready-to-use format to trigger steady feeding behavior over time.


Filter set for Freeze-dried OP50

€ 11,95Price
Amount of filter sets
    • Get Consistent Results with your C.elegans experiments

    • Clear solution

    • Obtain Reliable Results

    • Easy seeding NGM plates

    • Easy to feed liquid cultures and mircofluidics

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