Immobilize and Recover Live C. elegans without chemical anesthetics

With or Without beads


NemaGel is an easy way to completely immobilize C. elegans for imaging purposes with the ability to reverse the immobilization and recover the worms. Second Formulation available, we now offer NemaGel with or WITHOUT beads. You are able to improve the outcome of C.elegans fluorescent microscopy using the imaging assistance solution.


  • No chemical anesthetics
  • Rapid immobilization (< 5 minutes) upon temperature shift
  • Reversible with nearly 100% recovery of worms 
  • Suitable for low and high magnification (10x-100x)


How does it work?

NemaGel uses polystyrene microbeads (30μm) to allow for a uniform pressure on the coverslip without damaging the C. elegans.  The uniform pressure allows for more complete compression and immobilization of the worm sample in the gel.

NemaGel will form into a gel above 10°C . It will re-liquify when cooled to below 10°C. The gel should remain stable during autoclaving. NemaGel is provided in an easy to use dropper bottle with simple


€ 65,00Price
    • NemaGel is a temperature-dependent (temperature is adjusted to 25°C) and reversible immobilization solution for imaging live C. elegans, immobilization occurs immediately upon temperature adjustment with NemaGel.

    • Unlike other common C. elegans immobilization solution, such as levamisole or sodium azide, which may impact viability and morphology, particularly when trying to recover worms, NemaGel is chemical anesthetics free.

    • Recovering worms anesthetics-free and glue-free allows for repeated imaging of the same worm over a time span of several days, propagation of specific worms post-imaging, or imaging identical worms pre-post drug treatment.

    • Our fluorescent staining kits allow you to stain your worms for fluorescent imaging.