RediPrep™ Serotonin Powder


Product Details:

RediStain RediPrepTM Serotonin Dry Powder is used to stimulate pharyngeal pumping in C. elegans. Validated by NemaMetrix and pre-measured for use in single experiments, it is convenient and reliable. Just add M9 to the vial, and it is ready to use.


Product Info:

  • Size: 10.6 mg/vial.  
  • 10 Vials/package
  • Solute: Serotonin hydrochloride
  • Storage upon receipt: 4℃. Protect from light.

RediPrep™ Serotonin Powder

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    • Remove vial from packaging.
    • Add 5mL M9.
    • Use within 4 hours.