Tube Bead dispenser is capable of accurately filling tubes








Tube Bead Dispenser

Simple. Fast. Reliable.


Don’t settle for slow, repetitive and inefficient methods of filling beads in tubes. Use the Tube Bead Dispenser from LabTIE to improve your consistency in dispensing while speeding up your process over 37 times.




  • Filling 45 or 48 Tubes in only 8 seconds

  • Sterile dispensing

  • Accurate dispensing, <1% error rate

  • Easy cleaning

  • Exchangeable bead plates, “Different amounts of beads or bead sizes? Just slide in a different bead plate”

  • Custom made bead plates available




Do you use a different grid/tube/tray or plate?
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Video shows how to use the 45 Tube Bead Dispenser   Bead Dispensers are accurate and fast
This video shows how to use the 45 Tube Bead Dispenser.  

Figure 1. The Tube Bead Dispenser allows clean and accurate Dispensing compared to manual filling, only 37 times faster.
A: The LabTIE Tube Bead Dispenser was used for to fill 2mL screwcap tubes and was compared to manual filling by hand using a tweezer. No anomalies were detected using the Dispenser, while over 10% of the manual filled wells contained an incorrect amount of beads (doubles or missing).
B: The LabTIE Tube Bead Dispenser fills over 21.000 tubes with beads compared to 1200 tubes manually filled by hand in the same amount of time.



Product reviews

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 Irma Straatman    Jaster de Joode    Tara Fourre
 Wageningen University    Axia Naaldwijk    Johnson & Johnson
Ideal for fast filling of steel balls in 96-well format. The filling of only a few rows is also possible. The dispenser is easy to use and the surplus of balls is easy to gather again.    A tool that must not be missed at any laboratory. The Ball dispenser solves the problem of manually dropping and missdropping Balls in plates, it would normally take minutes now it’s done in seconds.    WOW! We have been searching for a bead dispenser for 96 well plates for over 10 years. We struggled to find something reliable and easy to use. This product is a lifesaver! What used to be a tedious and time consuming task is now done in a few seconds!! Essential for anyone working with 96 well plates and beads! 


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Bead Dispensers are capable of accurately filling tubes, vials and plates   Bead Dispensers are capable of accurately filling tubes, vials and plates
  Bead Dispensers are capable of accurately filling tubes, vials and plates  





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