Vision & Mission

LabTIE is not just a brand. It's a promise that we will make processes and products easier, as well as more productive, in such a way that 'non-value-added-activities' (muda) is removed, allowing researchers to spend their time on what really matters. 


To help researchers become more productive, enable High Throughput Screening with innovative solutions and as such helping researchers to improve their experiments and results.


LabTIE stands synonymously for lab expert processes, innovative technologies, tools and systems that improve productivity and job satisfaction conditions.

Our shared future

  • At LabTIE, we believe in simplicity and solving problems by thinking out of the box.
  • At LabTIE, we continually learn, share and move forward.
  • At LabTIE, we are open individuals, active listeners and believers in treating each other as equals.
  • At LabTIE, we know how to recognize our strengths, our weaknesses and laugh at ourselves while we celebrate our victories.
  • At LabTIE, we do our utmost to honor commitments through our actions and initiatives.
  • At LabTIE, we know that long-lasting companies are those that make their customers happy.