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Science is all about reliable data
We help you with reliable samples


Powder Dispensers

Allowing for accurate and quick Powder Dispensing in a large variety of volumes

45 Tube Bead Dispenser.jpg
100Well Seed Dispenser.jpg
25 Tubes Freeze-dried OP50.JPG
mbb96 var spd quarter pic (1).jpg

Bead Dispensers

Seed Dispensers

C.elegans Reagents

C.elegans Instruments

Grinding Media

Bead Beaters

From our Bead Dispenser series. Dispensing beads and grinding media quick in plates, vials or canisters

Compatible over 120+ Seed types, allowing the user to Dispenser single or multiple seeds per action

A large selection of Reagents and consumables for your C.elegans experiments

High quality Grinding media, beads and balls for disruption assays

Bead Beaters supporting your grinding assays