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C. elegans nutrition, reagents and systems

 C. elegans Nutrition & Reagents provide high & consistent quality

New Solutions to obtain consistent results with your C.elegans experiments. Ranging from consistent Freeze-dried OP50 up to Nematode Synchronizers that are able to synchronize a mixed population into healthy Juveniles without the use of chemicals.

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Nematode Synchronizers

C.elegans Nutrition


Solid Dispensers

 Solid Dispensers are capable of accurately filling tubes, vials and plates

Are you looking for a dispenser that dispenses solid objects accurately, fast and into any type of container or tray? 

We've got the solution for you.

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Solid Dispensers





Bundle offer includes: L1 C. elegans Synchronizer and Freeze-dried OP50   Bundle offer includes: 2 Dispenser systems of any kind (Bead, Seed, Powder)
Bundle and Save now   Bundle and Save 15%
Get reliable C. elegans samples with the best of both    When getting 2 Dispenser Systems of your choice