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LabTIE Grinding beads are used by the industry ranging from large applications until lab scale. A high quality standard vs low bulk prices make us your best choice in getting a great product for a competitive price.

LabTIE Grinding Media enables you to:

  • Grind your valuable samples with high quality grinding beads
  • Buy larger volumes in bulk, lowering the cost significantly
  • Gain access to our grinding media support containing valuable knowledge in regard of grinding and other bead applications  



  • Use a size of bead proportional to the size of your sample. For cell culture or small pieces of tissue, use our smallest beads. For buffer samples of tissue or special applications, use beads 1.0mm or larger.
  • You need a volume of beads that is at least half the volume of your sample or liquid in the tube. Using too few beads leads to poor homogenization.
  • Since the beads are inexpensive compared to the tubes and the grinding equipment such as metal containers, the grinding media should wear more rapidly than the 'grinding chamber'.


Product Specifications:
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Stainless Steel 304 Beads (1kg) - Grinding Media

    • High and consistent quality
    • Low Pricing

    • World Wide Shipping

    • From 1 Kg until metric tons