LabTIE Bead Dispenser

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LabTIE Bead Dispenser is an accurate, flexible and manual Dispenser with exchangeable Meshplates to Dispense different sizes and amounts of beads, bearing balls, grinding media or stir elements per tube or vial. it was invented 8 years ago by LabTIE, developed to replace manual loading by hand and increase the accuracy when loading beads. By simply inserting your desired metal Meshplate, you are able to dispense exactly the amount of beads you prefer in a 384-well meshplate. In the sizes of 0.2mm until 2.0mm with an unlimited selection in the amount of beads loaded per vial. Most of the metal Meshplates are considered to be our standard selection, however if you have the desire to dispense a different amount that listed, just select the Custom Made Meshplate option and fill in your requirement. We will mill and anodize the Meshplate to your specifications. Dispensing is as easy to fill your entire 384-well meshplate just within 8 seconds.


Your Dispenser is able to Dispense any type of beads, bearing balls, grinding media or stir elements from any material accurately within a 0% error range, exceeding other Bead dispensing systems. Expand your production output in tubes, vials and plates, speeding up your process over 200 times instantly.


The Dispenser can be used with standard 384-well microtiter, deepwell plates or individual tubes. 


Product includes:
1 x 384-well Bead Dispenser
1 x 384-well Converter (Metal unit attached to the Dispenser that connects the Dispenser on the Microtiterplate). 

1 x Metal Meshplate that needs to be selected in product options
1 x Suitcase included with the Dispenser and parts mentioned above, disposable scraping cards, brushes, manuals and spare parts

384-Well Bead Dispenser

    • Finish your experiments faster

    • Filling a 384-well microtiter, deepwell or tubes in only 8 seconds

    • Achieve accurate results

    • Sterile Dispensing

    • Start larger experiments

    • Accurate dispensing, 0% error rate

    • Easy cleaning

    • Reduces wrist pains

    • Exchangeable Bead Meshplates, “Different size and amount? Just slide in a different Meshplate

    • Custom made Meshplates available