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using LabTIE Bead Dispensers in their labs

Irma Straatman

Wageningen University Plant Research

Ideal for fast filling of steel balls in 96-well format. The filling of only a few rows is also possible. The dispenser is easy to use and the surplus of balls is easy to gather again. 

Jasper de Joode
Axia Seeds


A tool that must not be missed at any laboratory. The Ball dispenser solves the problem of manually dropping and missdropping Balls in plates, it would normally take minutes now it’s done in seconds.

Tara Fourre
Johnson & Johnson

We have been searching for a bead dispenser for 96 well plates for over 10 years. We struggled to find something reliable and easy to use. This product is a lifesaver! What used to be a tedious and time consuming task is now done in a few seconds!! Essential for anyone working with 96 well plates and beads! 


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