LabTIE Bead Meshplates
Simple. Fast. Reliable.


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LabTIE Bead Meshplates are used together with the LabTIE Bead Dispenser. The Meshplate is inserted in the Dispenser to determine the size and amount of beads to be Dispensed.

A flexible system that can Dispense a large variation of Beads while speeding up your process over 150 times as it takes only 8 seconds to Dispense.


Your Meshplate is than able to Dispense any type of bead, ranging from bacto beads (soft powder substance) to metal, silica, borosilicate, zirconia, etc. accurately within a 0% error range, exceeding other Bead dispensing systems.



  • Made from high quality Aluminium (6000) and anodised to harden and protect the Meshplate
  • Antistatic
  • Large selection of Bead Meshplates available
  • Materials, Methods and Cleaning protocols can be found here

Bead Dispenser Meshplates

    • Finish your experiments faster

    • Filling microtiter, deepwell or tubes in only 8 seconds

    • Achieve accurate results

    • Sterile Dispensing

    • Start larger experiments

    • Accurate dispensing, 0% error rate

    • Easy cleaning

    • Reduces wrist pains

    • Exchangeable Bead Meshplates, “Different size and amount? Just slide in a different Meshplate

    • Custom made Meshplates available