LabTIE Dispensers

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LabTIE Dispenser is a manual, flexible, accurate Dispenser with exchangeable Meshplates to Dispense different types of solid objects such as Powders, Beads, Seeds, Resins, Bacto beads etc.


In the last couple of years our team has brilliantly designed and produced over 150 custom made LabTIE Dispensers, giving us a lot of experience to help you with your request and needs. it was developed to replace the analytical scale and inefficient robot Dispensers. by simply inserting your desired volume Meshplate, you are able to dispense this amount of powder in microtiter. deepwell plates and tubes within 45 seconds.



Custom Made Dispensers

    • Finish your experiments faster

    • Achieve accurate results

    • Sterile Dispensing

    • Start larger experiments

    • Accurate dispensing, <2% error rate

    • Easy cleaning

    • Reduces wrist pains

    • Exchangeable Meshplates, “Dispense a different amount? Just slide in a different Meshplate

    • Custom made Meshplates available