LabTIE Seed Dispenser
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LabTIE Arabidopsis Seed Dispenser is a manual, flexible, accurate Dispenser that is able to Dispense several Arabidopsis thaliana ecotypes such as Col-0, Ser, etc. Replacing manual seedpicking that can damage seeds and is very timeconsuming. The 96-well Arabidopsis Seed Dispenser is able to Dispenser 96 individual Arabidopsis seeds in a 96-well microtiter or Deepwell plate (1 in each well) within 60 seconds. The Dispenser can also be used to Dispense other types of seeds, by exchanging the metal seed Meshplate.


Product includes:
1 x 96-Well Arabidopsis Seed Dispenser
1 x 96-Well Converter (Metal unit attached to the Dispenser that connects the Dispenser on the Tube grid). 

1 x Metal Arabidopsis Meshplate 

1 x Metal Seed Pushplate
1 x Suitcase included with the Dispenser and parts mentioned above, disposable scraping cards, brushes, manuals and spare parts



  • 96 Seeds Dispensed
  • 96-well microtiter or deep well plate
  • Materials, Methods and Cleaning protocols can be found here

96-Well Arabidopsis Seed Dispenser

    • Finish your experiments faster

    • Filling a 96-well meshplate  in only 60 seconds

    • Achieve accurate results

    • Sterile Dispensing

    • Start larger experiments

    • Accurate dispensing, <2% error rate

    • Easy cleaning

    • Reduces wrist pains

    • Exchangeable Seed Meshplates, “Different seed type? Just slide in a different Meshplate

    • Custom made Seed Meshplates available