LabTIE Powder Meshplates
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LabTIE Powder Meshplates are used together with the LabTIE Powder Dispenser. The Meshplate is inserted in the Dispenser to determine the volume and therefore the amount of powder to be dispensed. 

How to calculate your volume to weight ratio:
By filling a 2 or 50mL tube with powder acuratly and weighing it on an analytical scale. Insert the calculated volume in the Custom Made Meshplate section on the right and we will produce your Meshplate containing holes with your volume.


Your Meshplate is than able to Dispense any type homogeneous powder accurately within <2% in error range, exceeding other powder dispensing systems. 



  • Made from high quality Aluminium (6000) and anodised to harden and protect the Meshplate
  • Antistatic
  • Large selection of Powder Meshplates available
  • Materials, Methods and Cleaning protocols can be found here

Powder Dispenser Meshplates

    • Finish your experiments faster

    • Filling microtiter, deepwell or tubes in only 8 seconds

    • Achieve accurate results

    • Sterile Dispensing

    • Start larger experiments

    • Accurate dispensing, 0% error rate

    • Easy cleaning

    • Reduces wrist pains

    • Exchangeable Bead Meshplates, “Different size and amount? Just slide in a different Meshplate

    • Custom made Meshplates available